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Your ally for a sustainable future.

At Commons Logic, we help you take a holistic approach to building an agile and sustainable organization.

If you are working toward elevating your social and environmental impact, wondering how to translate your values into actions, or unsure how to prioritize and implement your eco-conscious initiatives, we can help. 

We are your partner in planning and strategy development for a better world. Our expertise will help you make effective and sustainable environmental change. We do that by breaking down silos, connecting diverse networks of stakeholders and achieving common goals for common good.


An evolved approach to sustainability.

We believe small, consistent changes can make a big impact. Using systems and design thinking to understand the key issues you're facing, we will co-create solutions that are specific to your organization. Together, we will cultivate strategies to maximize your performance through economic, cultural, social and environmental solutions.

Learn how to develop the tools and expertise to build a comprehensive sustainability strategy that will layout a long-term plan to address all areas of sustainability.


Identify ways to improve efficiencies and reduce environmental impact, minimize cost and build energy resiliency with a smart management plan tailored to your activity.

Carbon Footprint

Calculate your organization's operational carbon footprint, set reduction targets to work toward carbon neutrality and meet performance benchmarks.

Set an Example

Show stakeholders that you are committed to creating a better world and increase the visibility of your efforts with sustainability reporting and certifications.

Taking responsibility for our future, together.

Hi, I'm Ann.
Owner and Chief Strategist of Commons Logic
Ann Erhardt, MM, ISSP-CSP

Owner and Chief Strategist


I have a passion for developing people systems, transforming teams, redesigning processes, and rethinking products, services, and experiences. I’m known for questioning the status quo, seeing the big picture, and quickly adapting to new challenges. I firmly believe that if you invest in developing your people, they will work harder, find greater satisfaction in their work, and will become more committed.


Of S&P 500 Index® Companies Publish Sustainability Reports in 2017, up from 72% in 2013


Of consumers will pay more for products from socially responsible companies.


Of consumers expect businesses to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues


The amount that corporations gave to charities last year. That's billion - with a B.

Thought Leadership

What experts in the field are saying about corporate sustainability.
“When government lacks capacity to deal with big problems, corporations have to step in, despite it being outside the traditional bounds of business. And large companies that already have experience with climate resiliency are well positioned to support cities with these challenges.”
– Niel Golightly, VP, Shell Oil Company (2018)

“Too much ground is lost because of confrontation between civil society and business. For corporates to be part of the solution, and they need to be, civil society has to see them not just as the enemy.”

Robert Barrington, Executive Director, Transparency International (2018)

“The fight against antimicrobial resistance will take decades, and the life sciences industry is committed for the long haul. However, the full impact of industry’s efforts can only be made through collaboration with governments and providers, and other public health stakeholders.”

– Thomas Cueni, Chair, AMR Industry Alliance (2018)

Why Us?

Why work with us?

Short answer: we do cool shit!
Ok, here's the longer (leadership-approved) answer:
Measure and
Achieve Success

We help you set realistic goals, steadily work toward them, and then measure the results so you learn faster and build momentum for structured change management at the enterprise and initiative level.

Hands-on Support
and Coaching

Leverage onsite and remote support for your specific projects, all the tools you need to facilitate change, and personalized advice for building up your organization’s change capability.

Proven Success
Strategies and Tools

We couple expert advice with full access to a wide body of research and toolkits, giving you deep insight into which strategies will work for your company, and which won’t.

Thought Leadership
& Strategic Orientation

Curates deep thematic knowledge with strong strategic understanding as well as analytical conceptual thinking abilities, which result in identifying and leveraging opportunities to pursue the aspired outcomes for organizations.

Focused On

Convenes constructive relationships with all levels of the global sustainability and social justice community. Fosters cross-cultural collaboration within the organization and passionately engages with governments, business and civil society, resulting in a network of enduring partnerships with external actors.

Build Organizational

Strong orchestrating ability demonstrated by success in galvanising and bringing together, a diverse and talented global community while galvanising and supporting the group. Thereby developing long-term capabilities of others and the organization. Leads by inspiring, catalysing and bringing together the organization’s strengths.


We take action and an entrepreneurial approach to identify challenges, establish priorities,
and implement viable solutions.


Our Blog.

Insight on hot topics in the social and environmental sustainability sector.

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