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Rethink Your Approach to People


People are the current trend in most organizations, even more so that technology or innovation. Why? Perhaps organizations are starting to really recognize that people are the greatest asset to engage and activate for organizational success; whether it is attracting talent in a period of all time low unemployment, creating a learning culture, equipping employees for a landscape of constant change, etc. I have become more focused on people as well, much less from a behavior change perspective and much much more from a place of understanding, service, and relationships. You might think that this is obvious, “people are needed to fill jobs, teach, shop, and read articles like this one so of course people are important.” We all need people and so do most (all really) organizations. So why is the latest trend focusing on people??

A recent article posted by Forbes magazine challenges reader to “Rethink Your Relationships by serving people instead of selling to them. (see link to article below). I learned a short lesson about what that looks like from a leadership and entrepreneurial point of view. People don’t want to be sold to but rather become connected. Humans are by evolution driven to be connected to other people. Well, maybe not so much the introverts like myself. Organizations should connect to this human trait which will help organizations reach the top talent, cultivate learning, adaptability to change and thus fully free people’s capacity for innovation. What a perfect world it would be…if organizations had a map to follow on this journey.

The Forbes article resonated with me because I am currently reading Brene’ Brown’s most recent book, “Dare to Lead”. There are many similarities in the message. If you are not familiar with Brene’ Brown I encourage you to look her up and read at least one of her books. Her focus is on vulnerability. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we are opening ourselves to better relationships with our co-workers, peers, staff, family, loved ones, friends, etc. And through those relationships we create stronger connections and fully engaged in our team. Leaders who want to find “people nirvana” first need to look at themselves and their ability to create connection with our people and a system that continues to support those relationships.

Ultimately we don’t want to sell our people on change or how productive they should be at their jobs. We should want to create an environment where trust and connections are cultivated so that people are fully equipped to succeed. Happy people, happy leaders, happy organization.

Rethink your relationships; don’t sell but find service as a path to innovation and the sweet spot of people nirvana within your organization.

I am interested to know your thoughts.